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Spotlight on Corruption, run by Sue Hawley, works to end corruption in the UK and wherever the UK has influence by monitoring how the UK's anti-corruption laws are being enforced, researching how they can work better, investigating cases where they've been broken, and using strategic litigation to improve enforcement outcomes. You can visit the website at www.spotlightcorruption.org and follow them on Twitter at @EndCorruptionUK

Shadow World Investigations, run by Andrew Feinstein and Paul Holden, focuses on revealing and campaigning against financial malfeasance and human rights abuses, predominantly but not exclusively in the global arms trade. You can visit the SWI website https://shadowworldinvestigations.org/ and find them on Twitter at @ShadowWorldInv1, Instagram at @shadowworldinvestigations and Facebook as Shadow World Investigations.


Corruption Watch details and exposes the impact of bribery and corruption, predominantly but not exclusively in the global arms trade, on democracy, governance and development.

By tracking and monitoring major bribery and corruption cases, pushing for effective enforcement of global and national anti-corruption legislation, and building an international network of anti-corruption partners and activists. The organisation also assists prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, journalists, activists and legislators in their efforts to fight corruption.

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Arms Deal Whistleblowers Welcome High Court Judgment overturning findings of the Seriti Commission of Inquiry

August 21, 2019

Andrew Feinstein, Paul Holden and Hennie Van Vuuren

21 August 2019

We welcome the judgment delivered today in the High Court that sets aside the finding...

Corruption Watch, Transparency International, Sherpa and Others Write to Serious Fraud Office to Emphasise the Minimum Standards for Settlements in Relation to Airbus

June 11, 2018

Corruption Watch Statement and Report on Allegations of Corruption Facing Airbus

April 11, 2018

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