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Susan Hawley

Policy Director

Susan Hawley worked for six years at the Corner House on corruption issues, having previously worked in the policy team at Christian Aid on ethics and corruption issues. She was behind the successful judicial review by the Corner House of the Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) for weakening new anti-bribery rules following secret lobbying by defense and aerospace companies.

The new rules were introduced following an investigation she conducted into projects supported by the ECGD which were riddled with corruption. She was also involved in the judicial review of the Serious Fraud Office for dropping allegations of corruption involving BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia. Her investigative work resulted in the conviction of the first British company for overseas corruption in September 2009. Her detailed policy work has resulted in the creation and funding of an overseas corruption police unit and the inclusion of a new corporate offence with regard to overseas bribery in the recent Anti-bribery Act in the UK.